Piropos en inglés

Los piropos en ingles también son muy usados, sobre todo por las personas que manejan esta lengua y han aprendido una que otra frase para enamorar a las chicas en este idioma.

También puedes usarla para intrigar a tu dama y hacerla curiosear sobre lo que le estas queriendo dar a entender.

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Piropos en Ingles más utilizados

Si has conocido una chica que habla inglés y no quieres que el idioma sea una barrera, te hemos recopilado algunas frases o piropos en ingles que te pueden ser bastante útiles. A continuación algunos de ellos:

-Do you breathe oxygen? Because we have so much in common.

-I hope you know CPR, because you take my breath away.

-Did the sun come out, or did i just feel you smiling at me?

-If have a chance to rearrange the alphabet I’d put “you” and “i” together.

piropos en ingles chistosos

– I feel the love at first sught when is see you.

-You drive me crazy when you look at me.

-You are steal my heart with that kiss.

-I never feel this crush whit somebody before.

-I love you with all of one’s heart and soul

-You are like Google, have everything o am searching for me.

-I know you are the perfect match for me.

-Heaven must be missing an angel, because that is what you are

-¿what i am not drunk?, I’m just intoxicated by you beautiful

-You are so beautiful that you made me forget everything else.

-I was wondering if you are the girl how stole my heart.

-There is something wrong with my cell phone, it doesn’t have your number in it

-Want to go outside with me a get some air? You always take my breath.

-My god was that an earthquake or did you just rock my world?

-Is it hot in here or is it just you?

-Well here i am, now you have to two wishes

piropos en inglés para enamorar

-I feel complete when i am with you.

-I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

-I am in love of your blue eyes.

-I do not need more things because you are my everything

-you do not have to worried, because i love you so much

-I do not care anymore, because you are my world.

-thanks because you give meaning to my life.

-You make my heart beat faster.

– I could stare at you forever.

-I just wish you were here with me always.

-My god, my hearth melts every time you smile.

-when you look at me, make me tremble my heart.

-You are the genius who made my dreams come true

-Would you like to be my girlfriend?

-I am very lucky to know you.

-Girl you have the prettiest eyes in the world.

-I wish we were together.

-do not you get it? I am tell you, that you are the love of my life

piropos en ingles para mi novio

Estos como puedes ver son algunas de las frases que puedes construir en inglés y que te pueden ser muy útiles para sorprender a tu chica o chico con tus piropos en inglés.

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